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Brand Partnerships

We work closely with our brand partners to develop mutually-beneficial fundraising campaigns, co-branded merchandise, and experiences to advance both of our missions.

Material Kitchen has donated 50% of sales of their reBoard in a custom colorway for us: To Po Po, with Love. Their bold collection of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe cutting boards uses zero virgin plastic and is one step towards a more sustainable kitchen.

Reimagining plastic in the kitchen


Omsom donated 1 meal for every Omsom Bundle sold. Omsom aims to bring proud, loud Asian flavors to your fingertips any day of the week, sitting in your pantry right between the tomato sauce and olive oil. No more diluted dishes, no more cultural compromise. Real deal Asian cuisine and communities are too damn delicious to deny.

Bringing proud, loud Asian flavors to your home


Visit Omsom

Ensuring quality of life for every person in the coffee supply chain, from producers to consumers.


View our collaboration

Coffee Project New York created a custom roast for Heart of Dinner. Their coffees are carefully selected for quality and social impact, and they reflect the company ethos of contributing to one's community. Our mission as a coffee roaster is to improve the quality of life for every person in the supply chain, from producers to consumers.

Ways to get your brand involved

Donate what you can, or have available.

Corporate matching
Donating % of sale
In-kind gifts
Supporting operations
Giving space to operate
Giving supplies

Rally your employees, professional network, and customers to fundraise and help spread the word.

Engage your network
Employee fundraising
Customer fundraising
Network outreach
Volunteer together

Put a spotlight on the needs of Asian American elders and the focus of our mission.

Media support
Integrated events

Jacqueline Russo Eng

Owner-Baker, Partybus Bakeshop

Working with Heart of Dinner has definitely been a huge help with keeping the business going and sustaining our employees. My whole staff is here working a full day and it feels really good. I think if not for Heart of Dinner bringing so many great people and businesses together, I would feel a lot darker right now.

Eclipse has donated all proceeds of their Chef Moonlynn Tsai x Eclipse: Oolong Milk Tea flavor. 

Creating a more sustainable and humane food system through plant-based ice cream.


Visit Eclipse     

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