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Volunteer with us

Welcome to our community of care and compassion at Heart of Dinner where we're passionately dedicated to addressing food insecurity, social isolation, and loneliness among Asian American older adults living in significantly under-resourced and underinvested communities throughout New York City. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to deliver care packages filled with love, nourishment, and a personal touch to our beloved community of Elders who have long been overlooked and without equitable access to foundational necessities.

Our extraordinary community of Volunteers, like you, fuel our mission by bringing warmth, care, and nourishment. Whether you're hands-on in our weekly operations, contributing your artistic skills, or connecting through heartfelt words, your involvement is vital to our cause.

Below, you'll find three key areas where you can lend your talents and time. Each link will guide you to a unique aspect of our volunteer program, allowing you to choose the role that best fits your skills and interests. Your participation, in any capacity, is a valuable contribution to our community and the lives of our cherished Elders.

  • Explore Direct Involvement in Weekly Operations: From packing to delivery, be at the heart of our operations.

  • Contribute Artistically to Our Care Packages: Lend your creativity to our care package bags.

  • Connect Through Words: Write notes that touch the hearts of our Elders.


In addition to the individual volunteering mentioned above, we offer a special opportunity for corporate groups. If your company or business team is interested in contributing to our cause, we invite you to participate in our Corporate Volunteering Program. This program is tailored for corporate groups and requires adherence to our minimum sponsorship rates. To inquire about booking a Corporate Volunteer Day, please email us at hello[at]heartofdinner[dot]org with the subject line "Corporate Volunteer Day Inquiry." We will provide you with all the necessary information, including our sponsorship guidelines, to help your team make a meaningful impact.


Join Us:

Ready to meaningfully contribute to our mission on an individual level? Click on the links below to find your best fit in our mission of love and care at Heart of Dinner. Your participation, in any capacity, is a gift to our community and the lives of our cherished Elders.

Interested in being an active part of our weekly operations? Explore a variety of volunteer roles that are crucial to our mission. You can choose to:

  • Build Heart of Dinner's Signature Care Packages: Assemble nourishing packages for delivery.

  • Deliver Care Packages: Use your vehicle to bring care packages to our Elders.

  • Passenger Assistance: Accompany drivers to help with deliveries.

  • Reminder Calls: Make weekly friendly calls to beneficiaries about their upcoming Wednesday deliveries.


Dive into these rewarding in-person and remote opportunities to directly impact our community. Click on the button below to sign up and receive our volunteer requests!

Volunteer for Weekly Operations

Decorate our care packages

Attention all creative minds – artists, illustrators, and doodlers alike! Are you ready to channel your creativity into crafting symbols of love? We're in urgent need of Volunteers like you to bring nearly 700 of our bags to life EACH WEEK with unique, joyful art. Your artistic contributions will not only brighten the day of our Elders but also play a critical role in uplifting the spirits of our beneficiaries, many of whom live with loneliness and social isolation.

Click the button below for detailed instructions on how to lend your artistic talents to illustrate and decorate our bags. By adding your personal and heartfelt artistic touch, you'll be illuminating the lives of our Elders with each care package you help infuse with love and attention to detail.

We currently have a waiting list for this opportunity. If you're curious, click to learn more and if you're interested sign up for the waitlist!  

Assemble care packages

Your words have the power to comfort and connect. We urgently need kind-hearted volunteers to write handwritten notes in the native languages of our Elders. Each note you pen adds a deep, personal significance to our care packages. To give you an idea of the impact you can make, consider this: every week, we require about 700 of these heartfelt, handwritten notes to successfully build our care packages!

Write notes

Inspired to share our mission? Our volunteers have independently raised funds for Heart of Dinner by offering their art, hosting cooking classes, and more. Get as creative as you like—just link to our donation platform during your digital event, or send a check after collecting funds in person.

Host a fundraiser

A tremendous thank you to our volunteers for their generosity and time. We deeply appreciate each and every one of you!

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