For all other questions regarding brown bags or notes, please contact

A tremendous thank you for your generosity and your time. We deeply appreciate you, and can't wait to see what you'll create.

If dropping off locally (NYC)

  • Email us and let us know when you’re dropping off, and if you’d like to pick up more bags. 

  • Drop off times are available Wednesdays between 12pm-2pm

  • Located at Essex Market (NYC)

  • To find us at Essex Market, enter on Broome Street between Essex St & Norfolk St. Take the elevator or stairs up to the mezzanine floor

If mailing in

Please mail bags to:

Yin Chang and Moonlynn Tsai

130 Lafayette Street #32

New York, NY 10013



We're in need of uplifting, warm, and colorful decorations on our brown bags! Your illustrated bags will be filled with culturally thoughtful fresh produce and hot lunchboxes delivered directly to our Elderly recipients. 

We are THRILLED to announce that our first official bags & notes pickup and dropoff outpost is at PARTYBUS BAKESHOP! (One of our very first restaurant partners who has been baking fresh breads for our Elderly every week since April 2020!)



Address: 31 Essex Street, NY, NY 10002

Hours open: Tue - Sun from 9AM-4PM
Closed Mondays



Our need for thoughtfully decorated bags are on an ONGOING basis, there is no deadline. There is no need to schedule your pickup so please just walk into Partybus Bakeshop ANY TIME during their open hours to pick up our plain brown bags.  Say hello to the incredible Partybus Bakeshop team, let them know you’re there to pick up Heart of Dinner bags to decorate. The team will pass you a batch of 50 brown bags + a stack of 50 handwritten notes to bring home with you.


The goal is to let our Elderly recipients feel joy when seeing your decorated brown bag. We aim to bring cheer and brighten their days with our deliveries. For illustration inspiration from fellow contributors, click here.

  1. Please note that volunteers supply their own materials and supplies for the actual decoration.

  2. Once you're ready to decorate at home, staple the note to the bag first (reference illustration.)

  3. MUST write "Heart of Dinner" and its Chinese translation legibly, clearly, with large characters/letters in black/dark ink (refer to illustration.) 

  4. When illustrating and decorating, please use bright, vivid, cheerful colors.

  5. Be creative and draw/decorate images that are uplifting and recognizable. Examples: culturally thoughtful references, flowers, food, birds, etc.

  6. When you've completed your decorations for all 50 bags, drop them off at PARTYBUS BAKESHOP and be sure to let the team know that you have completed bags for Heart of Dinner.

  7. Please note: we do NOT accept mail-ins for decorated bags. 


If you're not local to NYC but would still love to contribute, please click here to read directions on writing & decorating notes.


If you are local to NYC and would love to help us pack our care packages and/or deliver them directly to our Elderly, visit this page and fill out our volunteer application. 


A tremendous thank you for your generosity and your time. We deeply appreciate you, and can't wait to see what you'll create!