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Heart of Dinner is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

TAX ID 85-2676806

Instructions for mailing checks

  1. Make check out to Heart of Dinner Inc. and in the memo section note down Tax ID 85-2676806.

  2. Mail to the address listed below.

  3. Email us here about your incoming check so that we are aware to be on the lookout.

Mailing address for checks

Heart of Dinner

31 Howard Street


New York, NY 10013

Mailing in notes? Please mail to:

Heart of Dinner

31 Howard Street, #404, New York, NY 10013

Local NYC dropoff of bags/notes? Please stop by Partybus Bakeshop during their open hours to dropoff completed decorations*:

31 Essex Street

New York, NY 10002

(between Grand Street & Hester Street) 

*Stop by anytime during their store hours and kindly let the Partybus Bakeshop team know that you'd like to pass them your completed bags and/or notes so they can help store them for us. Always be sure to check for their open hours first by clicking here, thank you!

Are you reaching out from a corporation or a business interested in volunteering opportunities for your team?

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm in supporting our mission and we’d be thrilled to our different volunteering opportunities available! Contact Founders and Co-executive directors Yin Chang and Moonlynn Tsai by clicking here to inquire about our Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities and be sure to write in the subject line, “Corporate Sponsorship Inquiry”.

If your company is interested in requesting the founders as speakers, please note that due to limited capacity and influx of speaking requests, they are only able to commit to speaking engagements that meet the minimum budget requirement. The donation minimum is made as a direct charitable donation to Heart of Dinner to support our mission of nourishing Elders. If interested, please email us by clicking here and include in the body of the message details of your ideal event date, location, a summary about your company, and the budget range. Companies that are able to meet the required minimum donation amount will be considered.


How can I best help Heart of Dinner? 

We are deeply appreciative of your support and generosity and here are the top 3 ways you can support us in needle-moving ways that drive impact for our organization. Thank you for your tremendous support and enabling our mission to continue uplifting the lives of our communities. ​


1. Monetary donations: Monetary donations are our greatest need that drive the most impact at this time for Heart of Dinner. Your donation helps us build towards a sustainable future and lay the foundation for growth. If you're interested and able to contribute, please visit this link. If your company has the option of donation matches, we deeply appreciate your support! Once your donation is completed on our online platform, an automated donation letter of receipt will be sent to the email address you input. If you have questions about the donation platform, or did not receive the automated donation letter of receipt, or would like to request a physical donation letter, please email accounting[at] and CC hello[at]


2. Self-fundraising proceeds for Heart of Dinner: Thank you for your generous time and efforts! We require transparency when publicly stating that proceeds will be directed to Heart of Dinner. Must state the exact portion (ex: 100% of proceeds, 50% of proceeds, etc.) The use of the Heart of Dinner logo is reserved only for partnerships which have been vetted and pre-approved in writing with myself and/or Moonlynn Tsai, do not use the logo otherwise. Reach out to hello[at] for verification and approval from Heart of Dinner.


3. I'm interested in donating and getting my company to match contributions, what should I do? Thank you so much for maximizing your contributions and supporting us in this generous way! Kindly pass on the following information to your company: Heart of Dinner is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax ID 85-2676806. Please email hello[at] and CC accounting[at] if you have further questions about company matches or donor advised funds. Thank you so much for your generous contributions!

Are you interested in volunteering with us remotely? Ideal for individuals living in NY, living out-of-state, or living in another country to get involved.

We’re so happy you’re interested and thank you for your time! Our homebound Elderly whom we serve are unable to access essential resources, leading to food insecurity, loneliness, and depression that can result in various detrimental health concerns. We alleviate the loneliness and isolation by providing uplifting and heartwarming artwork from our volunteers and your tremendous contribution will bring cheer to our beloved recipients. We welcome all ages of volunteers to join us in our mission by contributing handwritten notes and decorated brown bags to be used for our upcoming care package deliveries. If you're interested in contributing, please see below for more information.

  1. HANDWRITE NOTES: Heart of Dinner is currently in need of handwritten notes in Traditional Chinese. Please click here for step-by-step instructions on how to handwrite the notes. You don't need to be able to speak or write the language; all you need is patience and effort to copy the sample phrases found in the link above. The instructions include dimensions, writing instructions, and pickup/dropoff location. Kindly note that we are fully stocked in Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Tagalog. If you would love to send in notes in languages other than the time-sensitive needed Chinese notes, we are always happy to accept them and store them for future use!

  2. DECORATE BAGS: We have an ongoing need of over 600 decorated bags each week. The key is to strive for quality decorations that focus on attention to detail. Please keep in mind that many of our elderly cut out the decorations to save and look through when they feel lonely and want to brighten up their day. Please do not aim for a higher number if it will sacrifice quality and care for each bag decoration! On average, participating individuals contribute in bulk of 50, 100, or sometimes 250 decorated bags at a time. There is no deadline, but we deeply appreciate your contributions as soon as you are able. To contribute your decorated bags for the upcoming care packages, please click here for instructions on how to decorate the bags. The instructions include dimensions, artwork instructions, and pickup/dropoff locations.

  1. We warmly welcome 18+ year old volunteers local to NYC to help assemble and/or deliver Heart of Dinner care packages to homebound Elderly on Wednesdays! Please note that we only operate on Wednesdays, there are no other days to volunteer in-person. If you’d like to volunteer on other days, refer to the above volunteer opportunity of bag-decorating and note-writing.

    1. DRIVERS (CAR REQUIRED): We are always seeking Volunteers who are able to drive their own cars. If you have a valid license and active auto insurance to drive your own car and are interested in helping us deliver Heart of Dinner care packages to Elderly recipients, please click here to submit your volunteer application.

    2. PACKERS (NO CAR REQUIRED): To assemble our care packages at one of our packing sites, fill out our volunteer form to receive our volunteer-request emails: click here to fill out the form.

Are you interested in volunteering with us in-person? These volunteer opportunities are ideal for individuals living locally in NY to get involved. Must be over 18+ years old to operate on site with Heart of Dinner:

How can I learn more information about Heart of Dinner's mission, impact, and the beneficiaries that the organization serves?

Heart of Dinner is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (tax ID 85-2676806) that addresses food insecurity and isolation among Asian American seniors living in severely under-resourced communities. We provide care packages of culturally thoughtful food, handwritten notes and artwork, and moments of companionship to nourish the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of those we serve. To learn more, click here.

How do I include some elders to receive your care packages/meals?

Although we would like to welcome all Elderly members of our community who meet our eligibility requirements to receive our care package deliveries, we currently have a waitlist in place to maintain our high standards of quality and integrity. If you are interested, please apply for our waiting list by clicking here. When we begin our next onboarding cycle, we will review your eligibility for receiving Heart of Dinner care packages for free.

To become a Heart of Dinner care package beneficiary the applicant must be a local NYC Asian American individual aged 60 or above and meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Have a gross monthly income as a single elderly at or below $1,869; or have a gross monthly income as an elderly couple at or below $2,518.

  2. Unable to prepare meals because of the lack of money to purchase food, inability to shop or cook, or lack of facilities.

  3. Isolated due to lack of family, friend or neighbor support.

For all else, please email us by clicking here.

As much as we would love to bring on all of the elderly in our neighborhoods, we have reached our maximum capacity. Please apply for our waiting list and when we are able to expand, we hope to bring on more elderly recipients as soon as our bandwidth and capacity will allow!

How do I include some elders to receive your care packages/meals?


Help fund Heart Of Dinner’s meals and nourish our community of elders.

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