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  • 50x Blank Brown Bags + Return Shipping Label
  • 50x Blank Brown Bags + Return Shipping Label
  • 50x Blank Brown Bags + Return Shipping Label

50x Blank Brown Bags + Return Shipping Label


If you're not local to New York, or it's a challenge to make it to one of our brown bag pickup location but would still love to participate and contribute decorated bags we offer blank bags at the specific measurements here!


We provide 600 care packages each week in illustrated brown bags so a batch of 50 completed decorated bags mailed to us is incredibly helpful and needle-moving for us! 



The goal is to bring cheer to the Elderly recipients when seeing your decorated brown bags during our deliveries! For illustration inspiration from fellow contributors, click here


Follow the instructions below:


Once you've recieved your brown bags and are ready to decorate at home, write "Heart of Dinner" and its Chinese translation "愛心餐" legibly, clearly, with large characters/letters in black/dark ink (refer to illustration.) Please be sure to use a black sharpie marker for this part! ​​​​​


When illustrating and decorating around "Heart of Dinner 愛心餐", please use bright, vivid, cheerful colors. Tip: Some art supplies may not show up as vividly on our kraft brown bags, through trial we've learned that Acrylic paint pens provide the best outcome against the bags


Be creative and draw/decorate images that are uplifting and recognizable. 

Examples: culturally thoughtful references, flowers, food, birds, etc. 


For exemplary samples of artwork that have deeply touched and moved our Elderly, click here and here and here.


Mail to:

Heart of Dinner

31 Howard Street


New York, NY 10013



A tremendous thank you for your generosity and your time. We deeply appreciate you, and can't wait to see what you'll create!

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