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  • Coffee Collab #3:Heart of Dinner x  Persimmon Coffee: Saehae Blend
  • Coffee Collab #3:Heart of Dinner x  Persimmon Coffee: Saehae Blend
  • Coffee Collab #3:Heart of Dinner x  Persimmon Coffee: Saehae Blend

Coffee Collab #3:Heart of Dinner x Persimmon Coffee: Saehae Blend

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We're excited to unveil the 'Saehae Blend,' the second heartfelt collaboration with our friends and collaborators at Persimmon Coffee. Named after the Korean term for 'New Year,' this blend encapsulates a pouch brimming with well-wishes for the year ahead, including the joyous celebrations of Lunar New Year. It's the ideal gift for yourself or any coffee aficionado in your life.


The pouch features a beautiful deep green label adorned with playful illustrations of symbolic lucky fruits commonly cherished  in Asian households during the new year festivities. These include pomelo, symbolizing abundance, prosperity, and family unity; persimmon, known for its golden hue believed to attract positive energy and luck; apple, representing peace and harmony in Mandarin"píngguǒ" (苹果), which sounds similar to the word for "peace" (平安 píng'ān)e'; and grapes, which in Filipino culture signify good luck with each grape representing a month of the year and mandarins with their stems and leaves still attached carry the extra symbolism of longevity and fertility. In Japan, it's tradition to place a mandarin atop a mirror rice cake (kagami mochi) during Lunar New Year.


The top of the label,  carries New Year wishes in the languages of the cherished Elders we serve: Chinese, Korean, Malay, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Thai. Each pouch of 'Saehae' is a meaningful celebration of tradition, interconnectedness, nurturing our community and emphasizing the warmth of human connection that we all crave.


100% net proceeds from 'Saehae' directly support Heart of Dinner's mission to address food insecurity, social isolation, and loneliness among Asian American seniors who live in under-resourced and underinvested communities by delivering care packages of nutritious prepared lunchboxes and fresh produce every Wednesday, lovingly paired with a handwritten and illustrated letter in their native language to bring warmth and comfort.


Persimmon's commitment to meaningful sourcing led us to select beans from La

Concordia, Mexico, and Santa Ana, El Salvador. Both locations are chosen due to their rich history and meticulous care for their coffee crops. Each bean is carefully roasted by the Persimmon founders to highlight the delicious notes of pomelo, caramel apple, and anko.


Region: La Concordia, Mexico & Santa Ana, El Salvador

Process: Washed

Roast: Medium light, whole beans

We taste: Pomelo, caramel apple, and anko

Perfect for: Espresso, pour over, drip

Size: 10oz

Availability: 108 pouches

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