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  • Coffee Collab Series #2: Heart of Dinner x Persimmon Coffee: Kokoro
  • Coffee Collab Series #2: Heart of Dinner x Persimmon Coffee: Kokoro
  • Coffee Collab Series #2: Heart of Dinner x Persimmon Coffee: Kokoro

Coffee Collab Series #2: Heart of Dinner x Persimmon Coffee: Kokoro

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Introducing Heart of Dinner with Persimmon Coffee: Mexico Kokoro


Our ‘Kokoro’ coffee, meaning 'heart' in Japanese, represents the shared values of love, empathy, community, and a deep reverence for family legacies that bond Persimmon and Heart of Dinner. In every aspect of 'Kokoro', from bean to cup, we've infused our dedication to these fundamental values, mirroring the love we have for our traditions and community bonds.


100% of the net proceeds from ‘Kokoro’ go towards supporting Heart of Dinner’s mission. Our hands-on efforts go beyond just feeding Asian American older adults in underinvested and under-resourced communities. We strive to uplift their emotional and mental well-being, nourishing not just their bodies but their spirits as well.


Persimmon's commitment to meaningful sourcing has led us to select beans from the heart of La Concordia, Mexico. Each bean from Finca Nuevo México, chosen for its rich history and care, is carefully roasted by the Persimmon founders to highlight the DELICIOUS notes of lychee, butterscotch, and honeycrisp apple. This farm is a testament to a cherished family legacy dating back to 1978 where generations have lovingly tended this land, and today, we honor Ricardo Ibarra Baumann, who upholds his mother's legacy as he continues to craft exceptional coffee.


We’re SO excited to share the behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation of our 'Kokoro' coffee packaging. We could not be more thrilled with the journey of Persimmon Coffee bringing this design to life! The packaging, from our warm cream 'Bao' color to the affectionate nicknames reminiscent of home, to the handwritten elements and persimmon fruit symbol (!!), coupled with the name 'Kokoro'. These nods collectively form a tribute to our shared traditions and interconnectedness, making each bag a meaningful celebration of our heritage, the influential generations that have shaped us, and their incredible resilience we’ve witnessed and long heard stories about.


Every purchase of 'Kokoro' contributes to nurturing our community and highlights the warmth of human connection.


Region: La Cocordia, Mexico
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,300 MASL

Roast: medium light, whole beans 

We taste: Lychee, butterscotch, honeycrisp apple

Perfect for: espresso, pour over, drip

Size: 10oz

Availability: 125 pouches

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